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Happy Birthday Abby!

Sugar Memories

My grandmother loved to shop. She was one of those people who would stop at every display, touch every item and inevitably come away with a precious treasure at the end of the day.
One of her items to search for and purchase were colored sugars. I remember my mother talking about Grandma always needing a particular color of sugar for a certain baking project and the hunt would be on. When she died, we were cleaning out her kitchen and found the sugar cupboard. That cupboard was filled with a rainbow of colored sugars collected over many years. I was the proud recipient of some of these confections and they are still in my colored sugar collection today.
Last weekend my Mother-in-Love gave me a few colored sugars she had found, because she remembered my talking about wanting some of the variety containers I saw in the stores. I was touched by her thoughtfulness. Her gift not only gave me joy in receiving but also joy in the memories of my dear Omah.
May your cupboards be filled with rain…

Geography in the Clouds


Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You sweet daughter! We "lub" you!

Neapolitan Communication

Do you ever feel like you and your husband are not talking about the same thing? Do you wonder if he's even listening sometimes? Do you say one thing and he hears another?

Tonight I asked my husband for one scoop of neapolitan ice cream. I got two.

That's Neapolitan communication.

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY April 27, 2009

Outside my window... the grass is green, the earth is wet, the sun is shining and more rain is forecast later today. I am thankful for...the beauty of nature.
From the learning rooms... more astronomy, math, spelling and a new reading adventure.
From the kitchen...just english muffins and coffee right now.
I am wearing... black athletic pants and a gray sweatshirt.
I am creating...a few learning stations around the house.
I am going... to write a letter to a dear friend to let her know how much I appreciate her.
I am reading...Twelve Extaordinary Women by John MacArthur and Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood by Jim Fay & Charles Fay.
I am hoping...for an opportunity to show love to my neighbors, and to learn more about hosting a foreign exchange student.
I am hearing...only my fingers on the keyboard.
Around the house...chores to be done, songs to be sung.
One of my favorite things...hidden treasures... finding money in a forgotten pocket, a little note from the…

Sweet and Sour

This morning my sweet daughter requested sour pickles for breakfast. Yum, Yum!

A "Dee Dah Day"

I'm reading The Life You've Always Wanted by John Ortberg for a small group study. This week's chapter is titled "A "Dee Dah Day"".
John tells us to set aside a day a week to designate it as our personal Dee Dah Day. "Devote a specific day to acts of celebration so that eventually joy will infuse your entire life. One day a week eat foods you love to eat, listen to music that moves your soul, play a sport that stretches and challenges you...."
Today is my Dee Dah Day! I'm going to have tacos for dinner, listen to Mercy Me, read a chapter of Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur, keep the house clean (a key to keeping a smile on my face), play with the kids outside, take a nice long hot shower and dress in something that makes me happy. Most of all I'm going to give thanks to God for his wonderful goodness!
Happy Dee Dah Day!!

Eagle Cam

The kids and I have been able to view a pair of Bald Eagles raising an eaglet thanks to the Sutton Center Bald Eagle Nest Camera 2009. We were able to see one of the adults bring a fish to the nest and feed the eaglet while the other adult looked on. Fascinating! We are now researching all there is to know about Bald Eagles. (I just love "secret" schooling! :D) We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Spring Reading Thing 2009

I'm a little late starting the Spring Reading Thing... a month late to be more specific, but I'm an avid reader and could not pass up the opportunity to list some books I'd like to read and challenge myself to get to the end of the list.
Captivating by John and Stasi EldredgeThe Joyful Homeschooler by Mary HoodThe Life You've Always Wanted by John OrtbergLove and Logic Magic for Early Childhood by Jim Fay & Charles FayThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott FitzgeraldTwelve extraordinary women : how God shaped women of the Bible and what He wants to do with you by John MacArthurEverybody's normal till you get to know them by John OrtbergLooking for God by Nancy OrtbergTo start your own list or check out what others are reading go to Callapidder Days. Good Luck!

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Do you remember that phrase? I remember saying it frequently to my siblings in years past. I wish it had been true.

A few days ago I was talking with some good friends when the discussion turned to blogs and Facebook. I mentioned my blog and said that I had connected with some old friends via Facebook and was enjoying getting to know them again. It was then that one of them asked me, or rather stated, "Don't you have a life?"

I had no response for that. I was somewhat overcome by emotion. Sadness, confusion and even anger. I was hurt.

That comment, however innocent, hit me hard. I don't have a life according to the world's standard. I am a stay-at-home mom who homeschools her children. My family life is much different from those with two incomes and children in a bricks and mortar school. And sometimes, I want to be that woman with a great career, jetting off to every remote location to "knock &#…

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY April 20, 2009 Outside my window... the spring grass is a lovely green, the trees are budding and snow is falling! I am thinking... of all the wood that was split and stacked this weekend. I am thankful for...quiet times to reflect, hot showers and spring flowers. From the learning rooms... astronomy, James and the Giant Peach, math, spelling and lots of art From the kitchen...tacos and a menu for the week that is not very original. I need more variety. I am wearing... charcoal pants and a light green sweater (in honor of spring). I am creating...a photo montage. I am going... to the doctor today for the children's yearly exams. I am reading...The Joyful Homeschooler by Mary Hood and Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood by Jim Fay & Charles Fay. I am be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. I am hearing...the birds outside and our furnace running. Around the house...suitcases and clutter from our weekend away. One of my favorite writing in …

50 Day Challenge

A friend of mine celebrates the 50 days Jesus walked on earth after the resurrection by going for a walk each day for 50 days. I think I'll try that too. Anyone else?

I have the jitters

A near perfect morning for me consists of lots of quiet and lots of coffee. I like to grind my beans the day I brew coffee and I also like to keep the brewed coffee nice and hot in a carafe while I sip it.
Two days ago, the carafe decided to break and I now have to unscrew the lid to pour the coffee instead of just pressing the lever to fill up my cup. :: sigh ::
Today, the coffee grinder decided it was retiring! In went the coffee beans as usual, I pressed the button and the sound it made was enough to send the dog scurrying into the other room.
:: gasp ::
So, I have the jitters. Not from all the caffeine, but from all the equipment malfunctions of the last few days. Time to go shopping!

Letting go

As many of you know, I have been having a very difficult time with school this year. So difficult in fact, that I have checked into various private and public school options for next year. The biggest issues we face is the lack of enthusiasm, outright rebellion and overall bad attitude when it's time to get some learning done.

I have tried a variety of things to change the way we school. I've tried changing curriculum, changing atmosphere, adhering to a strict routine, eliminating routine, going outside more (weather permitting), reward systems, etc... you name it, I think I've tried it.

Throughout the whole process I was praying. Asking for wisdom and discernment. Praying for greater creativity. Daily asking the Lord to change the attitude of my students. I felt like God wasn't listening. I was treading water and the waves were crashing over my head with no life vest.

Then I began to hear God whispering to me. He talks to me primarily through books and blogs these days. …

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY April 13, 2009
Outside my window...The sky is gray it's a cool 33 degrees and the birds are singing. I am thinking... of the price paid for my sins. I am thankful salvation and for the salvation of everyone who believes. From the learning rooms...back to the routine after a week of spring break. From the kitchen...hmmm? I am athletic pants and a plum colored top. I am creating...wonderful memories with family and friends. I am enjoy a little quiet time, some hazelnut coffee and a doughnut! I am reading...Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. I am recognize the person God has in mind for me as I continue to pray for the blessing of a good, true friend to share the everyday with. I am hearing...the hum of the refrigerator and the dog quietly snoring. Around the house... are Easter eggs, bibles and the occasional toy. Evidence of a family enjoying the Easter celebration. One of my favorite watching and listening to the birds…


I had written an email to my sister the other day in which I quoted Mr. Miyagi from the movie Karate Kid. He said, "Man who catch fly with chopsticks accomplish anything."

I received a package in the mail from her yesterday. Can you guess what was inside?

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. (Phil 4:13)

simple woman's daybook for April 6


Outside my window...Skies are blue and the wind is blowing

I am thinking... of all the the wonderful people in my life

I am thankful for...migrating geese

From the learning rooms...spring break!

From the kitchen... resurrection crescents

I am wearing... black athletic pants, red t-shirt and charcoal fleece which I am hoping to shed when it gets warmer today

I am reading... Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge

I am hoping... to get a lot of laundry done today

I am hearing...children playing together

Around the house...are little odds and ends from a relaxing Sunday

One of my favorite things... hazelnut coffee

A few plans for the rest of the week: Get ready for a garage sale next month, clean out the laundry room closet, go for a few walks and decorate the boys room.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

These are souvenirs from a community roofing project that I found on the bottom of our washing machine. :D If you'd like to do your own daybook or read about others on this …


Do not let your adorning be external - the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear - but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious. (1 Peter 3:3-4)

"To have a gentle and quiet spirit is to have a heart of faith, a heart that trusts in God, a spirit that has been quieted by his love and filled with his peace. Not a heart that is striving and restless." -"Captivating" by John & Stasi Eldredge

Dear Heavenly Father, create in me a gentle and quiet spirit. May my external adornment pale in comparison to my inner person. May my beauty come from you. Show me my beauty. Quiet me with your love. In your precious name, Amen.

Picture thought


Dragons for Discipline

I just read a wonderful book with my children titled, "You've Got Dragons" by Kathryn Cave.
Kathryn states "Dragons show up when you least expect them" and, "When you've got dragons, you need lots of hugs".
Dragons come in many forms in our house. Some dragons are disobedience, anger, teasing and inappropriate responses. The list could go on.
In the book, Kathyrn gives suggestions of how to deal with your dragons. Make them laugh. Tell someone else about your dragon. Plenty of hugs.
Yesterday my children began to whine and cry when it was time for school. This is a common occurence and one which really gets my blood boiling. It is a dragon of theirs. So I told them, "Uh oh, I see a dragon. Let me give you a hug." We gave that dragon our full attention, talked about it and discussed ways of getting rid of that particular dragon.
I'm happy to say, I think it helped. To be able to visualize an inappropriate response for the dragon…