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simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY July 31, 2012
Outside my window... summer sun, sparrows and sun-kissed children.

I am thinking... that today is the last day of July and tomorrow starts the celebration of my birthday month!

I am thankful... for my vulnerabilities.

In the kitchen... there is no milk, eggs, bread, oatmeal or cheese.  Can you guess what some of my plans for the week will be?

I am wearing... a black tank top and very old gray shorts because today is a cleaning day and you need to be comfy to clean efficiently.  :)

I am creating... a grocery list.

I am going... to see what's growing in the garden today.

I am wondering... why two of my evergreens are dying.  Possibly from drought, but I've been watering them.  :(

I am reading... Captivating, The Uncommon Woman and historical fiction books on my Nook.

I am hoping... the laundry will clean and fold itself.

I am looking forward to... watching some olympic swimming today.

I am learning... to make lists to keep me on track throughout the day/week.


shirking their responsibilities

I thought it was a garden gnome's job to protect and enhance the garden.  I dare say these two are not doing such a good job.

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY July 23, 2012
Outside my window... beautiful sunshine, not a cloud in the sky and I can see my new red outdoor lanterns that make me smile.

I am thinking... of the weekend.  My husband and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary over the weekend.  Amazing how much our lives have changed since we said "I do".

I am thankful... (okay there is a running theme in my head) for my husband and sweetheart of 16 years.

In the kitchen... yummy coffee in my cup and a refill in the carafe.

I am wearing... tank top and shorts, perfect attire for a near 100 degree day.

I am creating... I have to shake my head at this one because most of the time it makes me feel un-inspired.  I don't have 'crafting' hobbies and therefore am usually only creating clean and organized spaces that are not much fun to blog about.  With that being said, my summer project is to purge the basement of unwanted items and organize what's left.

I am going... to the eye doctor today with Megan an…

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY July 9, 2012
Outside my window... sun is high in a beautiful blue sky with big white puffy clouds.

I am thinking... of adventure.

I am thankful... for modern conveniences such as a washing machine, dishwasher, air conditioner and coffee maker.  These items have made my day a bit more pleasant today.

In the kitchen... fresh veggies from our garden and the CSA I'm participating in.

I am wearing... a teal tank top and denim shorts.

I am creating... a blog post.  ;)

I am going... to give 100% of myself today.

I am wondering... what to prepare for a snack or dessert for two wonderful ladies tomorrow night.

I am reading... at least one book every three days.  Yay for summer reading time!

I am hoping... summer will slow down and stick around for a while.

I am looking forward to... enjoying many more sunsets with my family.

I am learning... many interesting historical facts from the historical fiction books I've read in the past few days.

Around the house... suitcases have been unpac…