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Day One

Patrick and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this week.  We decided to take a trip to Arizona, Utah and Colorado to see some sites and celebrate us along the way.  
On our first day we flew to Phoenix, rented a car and headed to our first stop which was Sedona, Arizona.  We arrived just in time to check in and enjoy a delicious dinner at the hotel restaurant.  
Blogging from my tablet is challenging at times and so my photos are backward today.  If you want to view them chronologically, start at the bottom and scroll up. :)

A Weekend Pit Stop

Trying to impress the kids 
He just had to try it.

Now this is the way to hang on a light post.

Fungi Three Ways

The kids and I were weeding in this spot the day before and none of us remember seeing this little beauty.  Must have popped up overnight.

A Day at the Garden

The kids and I spent some time at the botanical garden.  We all really enjoy visiting the botanical gardens in various cities.  It's become one of our favorite stops when in a new to us city.  The photos were taken mostly by me, but the kids grabbed the camera now and then to capture something that caught their eye.

Allium, little flowers make up one big flower.

Mason's view of the little stream that meanders it's way through the garden.

Mason just needs a fishing pole.

A wee little hobbit in a hobbit house window.