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FOR TODAY March 25, 2013
Outside my window... the skies are cloudy all day.

I am thinking...of what it must have been like to anxiously wait for the Lord to pass over the homes of the Israelites in Egypt all those years ago.

I am thankful... for the cross and the Son of Man who took my sins.

In the kitchen... friendship bread starter and the ingredients for Koulourakia (greek cookies), to be made ahead of time for our greek feast after Easter.

I am wearing... green shirt, navy blue sweater and cozy pants.

I am creating... new decor from old things.

I am re-evaluate my boys school curriculum.

I am wondering...why internet explorer suddenly stopped working on my pc?

I am reading... Sold by Patricia McCormick

I am see warmer temperatures soon.  The calendar says it's spring but the view outside my window is yelling winter.

I am looking forward to...some time off during spring break!

I am learning... how to be thankful in all circumstances.

Around the house... paint and pain…

book humor



"Gumballs make me happy."

bring your swimsuit

My suitcase was zipped and staged by the back door.  I was mentally checking off items to bring in my purse.  Bible, pen/pencil, facial tissue, gum.... the essentials for my weekend away at retreat.  I was making one last trip around the house tidying up when I had the thought, 'bring your swimsuit'.

Hmm, I could.  However, I quickly dismissed the thought.  I wouldn't have time to relax in the hot tub or swim in the pool.  Again, 'bring your swimsuit' (louder this time).  Well, I'll grab it if I remember next time I'm upstairs.  I folded a bit of laundry, added those forgotten pajamas to the suitcase and made one last pit stop in the bathroom when the thought came again, 'bring your swimsuit'.  Fine!  Why is this still stuck in my head when half the time I can't remember things when I go from one room into another.  "Ok Lord, I'm bringing my swimsuit, I hope you allow me to use it."  I found my suit and jammed it in the last availa…

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY March 5, 2013

Outside my window...  a calm, cool morning with overcast skies.

I am thinking... about imperfect progress.  Those baby steps that I take in certain areas that might not look the way I wanted them to, but at least I'm still going forward. 

I am thankful... that each morning begins a new day full of promise.

In the kitchen... I'm thinking of pulling the Amish Cinnamon Bread starter out of the freezer to begin another round of baking bread every ten days.  It's also Pizza Tuesday in this house so no cooking for me!

I am wearing... gray jammie bottoms with a green t-shirt and black feece coat for warmth.  Translation: comfy home clothes.

I am creating... a list of ideas to put together a basket of goodies for our friend who just had a new baby girl.

I am going... crazy!  Want to come along?  My life has been a roller coaster full of ups & downs, twists and turns.

I am wondering... why I'm living in the neighborhood I currently live?  Who am I going t…