Friday Field Trip

On Friday we enjoyed a field trip to the air museum....

The Wright Flyer


No trip is complete without Legos!

You could hear the intake of breath from the boys when they discovered all the Lego planes.

Propeller of the 'Duck'.  The other picture didn't turn out, but the duck has a large pontoon that you can almost see on the bottom of this picture.

Havilland Mosquito made of wood!

Airman Logan

Airman Ethan

This was our first time at the air museum and we will most certainly go back.  At the end of our tour the kids were able to enjoy many hands on activities.  They 'flew' a plane, went up in a hot air balloon and tried hang gliding.  They also enjoyed learning how a jet engine works, listening to the difference in sound between thunder and a sonic boom and much more.