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Random Thoughts on Day Seven

Well, I've made it to day seven!  Are you amazed?  I am!  If you're confused, I am doing the Whole30 food program.  I have successfully avoided eating any sugars not contained in fruit, diary has taken a backseat to coconut milk and bread stills smells heavenly, but has not entered this body in 7 almost-full days.  Whew!
Half of me is shocked I've made it this far, the other half is cheering me onward.  I happen to have a very handsome cohort in this adventure which makes it 80 percent easier.  My misery is his misery and we get through it together.
A few random thoughts about the first seven days...
Eggs for breakfast, eggs for lunch, eggs for dinner and eggs for brunch.  Seriously!  I have gone through almost six dozen eggs the first week!  I am not kidding.  Hard boiled, fried, made into custard, omelets and more; eggs are it.
Speaking of eggs, my handsome husband hates our non-stick fry pan.  According to him it's a sticky fry pan.  If you don't want to frustrate y…