On My Bookshelf

There are a lot of parenting books out there.  A lot of good parenting books.  If you are a proactive person who is considering having children, you have probably read many of them already.

I haven't been very proactive in my approach to parenting.  Patrick and I are not planners and didn't exactly plan our firstborn, second-born, third-born or our fourth-born. :)

The problem with my approach is that when I wanted to read books on parenting, I was already entrenched in the land of sippy cups, Cheerios, diapers and re-directing.  With one baby on my hip I was chasing another and wondering when I'd find the time to shower, let alone read.

If you are more like me than you care to be, Parenting with Scripture by Kara Durbin is for you.  I have pulled this off the shelf frequently and also used it "on the fly" for those teachable moments.  I found the ideas for discussions and the activities to be very helpful.  I have used this book for my teens and my toddlers.  If you want a guide to help you parent with Scripture, this is a great resource.