Nailed It!

I was browsing Pinterest the other day and saw this post about homemade sidewalk chalk paint.  When I craft or put my mind to a fun unexpected project for the kids, I like it to be easy and fairly mess free.  That mindset severely limits the available projects.  So, when I saw that there were only three ingredients for sidewalk chalk paint, I had to try it.
As I was mixing it, using HOT water as recommended, it wasn't mixing smooth.  I was mixing and mixing and mixing.  And mixing and mixing and mixing.  Seriously, my hand was starting to cramp.  Patrick came home for lunch, asked what I was doing and when I told him, he looked at it and said, "Nailed it!".

Ha ha ha.  Very funny.  His comment goes back to an article, in fact a number of blog posts, we read that detailed the author's attempts at Pinterest ideas she found.  It was one of the funniest blog posts I've read and Patrick was in tears.  Suffice to say, her projects always fell short of the beautiful Pinterest photos and she always said, "Nailed it!"  ( I'm looking for it now in hopes of sharing it with you and sadly am not finding it.  I'll keep looking and give an update if I find it.)

So much potential for fun.

Can't get it out because there are lumps of cornstarch.  Did I mention my hand was cramping from all the mixing?!  Even tried shaking it smooth, argh.

There you go! 
Little do you know it took him about five minutes to get that much squirted out.
I put down the camera and tried it myself.

Oops!  Major blow out.  Guess I don't know my own strength. 

We added a fourth item to the list of necessary "ingredients".  A toothpick.

Insert toothpick, squirt.  Insert toothpick, squirt.
Nailed it!