Day Three

Day three we hit the road again leaving Sedona behind and looking forward to our overnight stop at Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge.  The weather was beautiful and the landscape was amazing.  I had no clue there was such diversity in Arizona.  This girl thought it was all desert.  Boy was I wrong.

Scenic overlook on our way from Sedona to Flagstaff, Arizona

A handsome man enjoying the view.

A kind soul took our photo after watching us struggle to take a selfie.

The selfie that worked.

After the scenic view we arrived in Flagstaff and ate lunch at mix.  Good food, smiling service and casual atmosphere.  You can even bring your dog if you'd like. 

The photo above was taken by me when Patrick stopped at a red light on our way out of Flagstaff.  Notice we are ON the railroad tracks!  No worries, it's just my side that will get hit first.  :0  After we turned the corner and were travelling parallel to the tracks, a train was heading toward that intersection.  Five minutes made all the difference. 

Our weather was perfect.  When out of the car seeing the sights, beautiful sunshine.  In the car en route to our next destination, rain.  I could not have ordered better timing.

Selfie at Grand Canyon National Park south rim.

Handsome man at the south rim taking photos.

Desert View Watchtower

I read an article on Lonely Planet on how to get the most from a short trip to the Grand Canyon.  I thought the advice was great and wanted to do the hike suggested, but it started to rain.  We decided to forego the hike and head to the north rim where we would be staying for the night.  However, the south and north rim appear very different and if we ever go back (when we go back), I'd like to follow the author's advice.

Grand Canyon south rim

I couldn't get enough of the view!  Magnificent.

Oh yeah, we're getting pretty good at this selfie thing.


He, aka handsome man.

Look at that!  Are you kidding me?! 

On the road to the north rim.  It just finished raining.

A feast for the eyes.  All the variations in color were simply a work of art.

Cow crossing?

Bison crossing?

Patrick and I tend to live day to day, hour to hour.  We never thought to check the state park's website for pertinent information that might affect our travels or itinerary.  Our first clue that there was a fire nearby was all the fire vehicles that kept passing by us on our way to the north rim.  Vehicle after vehicle displayed the fire emblem and when we arrived at an open field, there were at least three helicopters at rest.  As it turns out, the Fuller fire was 65% contained and closed some of the trails we were hoping to explore at the north rim.


Path to the cabin.

Our cabin.

Welcome to our home for the night.

We dropped off our bags and headed out to catch the sunset.

Goodnight sun.

Sweet dreams!