Day Six Drive and Day Seven

Day six we awoke to hear the Colorado river outside our cabin.  We hiked to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park and then we headed out for the last leg of the trip, destination Denver, Colorado.  Patrick and I weren't sure if we wanted to stay a night somewhere along the way to Denver or just drive straight through.  We stopped for a late lunch in Grand Junction, CO just across the border to discuss our options and decided to play it by ear.  After we drove a somewhat stressful climb through the Rockies in the rain, Patrick and I stopped in Georgetown to rest and calm our nerves.  When we started out in Moab, Utah that morning the temperature was around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  We saw 90 degrees in Grand Junction and by the time we stopped in Georgetown, the temperature was 55 degrees.  Pretty crazy.

I love tunnels and thought the kids might enjoy seeing some photos too.

It was fun to see the opposite side of I70 above us with it's very own tunnel.

Georgetown visitor center.

We consulted the map and decided we were not too far from Denver and would drive straight to Denver without stopping overnight along the way.


We enjoyed found a bit of traffic in Denver.  During a brief stop on the highway to allow for oncoming traffic, we turned to notice the sticker on this vehicle.  If you are a Top Gear America fan like my husband and boys, you will appreciate the "I am the Stig" sticker.

After finding a hotel we went out for dinner and then back to the hotel for an early bedtime.  The next morning we drove around Denver on a little tour so I could show Patrick my childhood home, school and favorite places.  We also drove to Castle Rock, Co and saw my dad's old shop.  Still in business with the same name.

Standing on the walking bridge I would cross everyday to school.

My childhood home.

Next stop, the Denver Botanic Gardens.  The water lilies were all in bloom. We really enjoyed all the different blooms.  Hard to take photos with our phones.  I was quite nervous I would drop the phone into the water, so we only took a few that were close to the edge.

A cactus photo for Mason.  This is the Red Headed Irishman.

Water lilies.

Thought Ethan might like this Bonsaii.

One of our last selfies of the trip.  Happy anniversary honey!

At Denver International Airport awaiting our flight home.  Stopped for a late lunch to find Nacho Libre on the menu.  Nacho Libre happens to be a favorite movie of one of our favorite families.  ♥

Beautiful sunset to end a beautiful week.


  1. Kim, I loved seeing the pictures of your childhood places, and I love the fact that your dad's old shop is still in business with the same name. <3

    And I've thoroughly enjoyed following your travelogue from my feed reader. I don't know if you look at stats for your blog, and I don't know if my reader triggers a hit for you, but I do catch each of your posts, and I thought I'd drop in this week to let you know. =)

    Love and hugs,


    1. Thank you friend. It's fun to know I have a few 'secret' admirers. :)


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