Day One

Patrick and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this week.  We decided to take a trip to Arizona, Utah and Colorado to see some sites and celebrate us along the way.  

On our first day we flew to Phoenix, rented a car and headed to our first stop which was Sedona, Arizona.  We arrived just in time to check in and enjoy a delicious dinner at the hotel restaurant.  

Blogging from my tablet is challenging at times and so my photos are backward today.  If you want to view them chronologically, start at the bottom and scroll up. :)

City of Sedona with Courthouse Butte on the right and Bell Rock on th left.

I couldn't stop taking pictures.  It was magnificent.

Entering Sedona.  Courthouse Butte .

Beginning to see some red rocks...
For Logan who recently completed driver's ed classes.  What does this sign mean?

Views for miles and miles.

Driving out of Phoenix.

Just love the different field patterns you can see from the sky.
I fit all clothes and toiletries in one carry-on!