Teeny Tiny Pests

I thought I was in the clear.  I was trying very hard to avoid leaving fruit out on the counter during the summer months.  I wanted to enjoy the indoors without a fruit fly hovering nearby.  I thought I was in the clear.  It's October after all.

Then, one dark and dreary day, I was doing some extra cleaning.  You know the type of cleaning you do when all the main cleaning is finished?  Like finding the old cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling or taking all the glass shades from various light fixtures and giving them a good wash?  I was in the basement on this day and I decided to check the seldom used garbage can.  Upon opening the drawer, I was attacked!

Attacked may be a bit dramatic, but that's what it felt like at the time.  When I opened the garbage pullout I was swarmed by fruit flies.  You see, one of my children named 'Not me', threw an apple core into the garbage we don't collect every week.  That apple core probably sat in that can a good two weeks while a few fruit flies enjoyed a feast and did what they do best, multiplied.

I immediately did an internet search on home remedies for getting rid of fruit flies.  I tried this one and that one.  The one that did the trick for me is this one.

In my research many said to use apple cider vinegar, some said with dish soap.  I began with apple cider vinegar and dish soap and it wasn't yielding the results I wanted.  So, since we had some white wine out and the fruit flies were very attentive, I replaced the apple cider vinegar/soap concoction with straight up white wine.  I then covered the top with plastic wrap and poked a few holes in it.

This sat overnight and when I awoke the next morning, this is what I found.

My apologies, I know it's a bit gross, but look at all of them!  In just one night!  I'd say one or two more nights and I'll be singing goodbye to those teeny tiny pests.