Five Minute Friday : Welcome

wel·come  verb \ˈwel-kəm\  

: to greet (someone) in a warm and friendly manner
: to receive or accept (something) with happiness or pleasure
Welcome.  It's such a big word when you start to unpack it.  It's full of hospitality and warmth.  It is an embrace.  An embrace of acceptance.
To make someone feel welcome is not an easy task.  I feel it is a gift that some have more abundantly than others.  When I ask the question, 'Who makes you feel welcome?'  You will quickly think of one or two people that overflow with hospitality and warmth.  They put you at ease with a few quick words or a warm hug.
Maybe it's a place that makes you feel welcome.  The cozy overstuffed chair in a quiet corner of the library is one such place for me.  How about your friends scarred kitchen table with the nail polish stain and the bite marks from the dog.
As I ponder welcoming people and places, I can't help but think of my God.  His arms are forever open.  His hands are scarred; proof of His love for me, for us.  His words are gentle and He accepts me just as I am with pleasure.

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  1. God as welcoming. I love that picture!
    Nice to "meet" you. :) I LOVE to read too!


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