That is Burkina

The feel of red dirt clinging to my feet.  The salty taste of sweat on my lips.  The smell of wood smoke and spice.  The sound of drums beating, goats bleating and roosters crowing.  The moto bikes clogging the bumpy roads.  That is Burkina.

Warm smiles.  Handshakes.  Genuine interest.  Thankfulness.  Exuberance.  Dancing and singing.  That is Burkina.

Disabled forgotten.  Malnutrition.  Starving widows.  Wide-eyed children.  That is Burkina.

A hand extended.  A well drilled.  A bike given.  A soup served.  Hugs shared.  That is Burkina.

My time spent in Burkina Faso has gone too quickly.  The love shared has filled my heart.  Just a few short years ago I never would have thought I'd be sitting under a roof located in Burkina Faso, Africa.  Yet that is exactly where I am.  In a few short days I must ask to take the road.  When I do, I will take precious memories with me and a love of a country I never thought to see.

Trust.  Friendship.  Love.  That is Burkina.