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FOR TODAY October 21, 2014

Outside my window... red, gold and green trees beneath a gray sky.

I am thinking... of my dad.  Today would have been his 69th birthday.  Miss him!

I am thankful... for a new perspective of my 'old' life.

In the kitchen... thankfully it's pizza night for dinner.  I don't have to strain my brain to figure out what to eat tonight.

I am wearing... gray and blue sweatshirt and jeans.

I am creating... a photo book about my mission trip to Burkina Faso, Africa.

I am going... to start training classes with Milo (the dog) again.  Hoping to get him certified as a therapy dog by the end of 2015 or sooner.

I am wondering... what I will do with all the apples I have in the house and garage.  Peel, slice and prepare for freezing, make apple crisp and then?

I am reading...Words Unspoken

I am hoping... to adjust the household budget to free up more 'giving' money. 

I am looking forward to... getting together with friends.

I am learning... not to have any expectations.  This is a bit challenging for me.

Around the house... the dust bunnies are threatening to take over.  Today, I will whisk them all away.

I am pondering... change.  I feel the stirrings of some kind of change coming.  Wonder what it will be?

A favorite quote for today... "We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do." ~Mother Teresa

One of my favorite things... an early morning walk on a crisp fall day.

A few plans for the rest of the week: return some overdue materials to the library, go pant shopping for my oldest who seems to have grown another couple inches overnight, shoe shopping for the youngest, get together with friends on Thursday & Friday (woot, woot!) and prepare the garden for winter.

A peek into my day...
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  1. love that quote!

    So cool you are training your dog to be a therapy dog

  2. Pizza night is my favorite! I will gladly take some of your apples too. :)


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