Fun With Shaving Cream

I am trying to be fun and creative this year in school.  Actually, that is my goal every year, but somehow I fail miserably for one reason or another.  Well, the reason I fail is because I have very lofty goals and unreal expectations.  This year is different.  I made no goals and I'm working on not having expectations.  And you know, I think it's working.  Instead of stressing about what the next project should be or how messy it might be, I'm just going with the flow.  Bending with the wind, keeping calm and carrying on.  And, it's working!

One of the easiest and fun activities that Mason did recently (and one that I actually remembered to grab the camera for) was writing in shaving cream.

Not too sure about this.  He was wondering if this is really an approved activity.

Oh yeah!  Look at that smile.  He has mom's blessing to dig in and enjoy.  The letter writing portion of the activity soon transformed into building mountains and making lakes, and then somehow (probably because he's a boy at heart) bombs and explosions became the focus.

Smoothing it all out to start again.
I dare say the shaving cream was a big hit.  I think I was able to concentrate on the older kids for a full un-interrupted half hour!  Woot, woot!  Next time I might try adding some drops of food coloring and have him experiment with mixing colors.