Dorcas House: Day 1

When we discussed what activities would be part of our trip to Africa, we talked about visiting Dorcas House and putting on a 3 day camp for the girls who live there.  As an American, I envisioned a 3 day camp full of fun activities that the girls would participate in just like a vacation bible school or sport camp in the US.

And that is exactly what it was with one exception.  It was so much more.  Sadly my vocabulary cannot even begin to express the love and warmth that is all around at Dorcas House.  Do you remember me saying that in Burkina Faso relationships come before anything else?  My poor little brain only scratched the surface of what that meant.  The Burkinabe are so trusting and have a great desire to get to know you.  They welcome you with open hearts and a forgiving attitude.  To walk with them is to feel like family.  It is rather indescribable how full my heart is right now and they are the ones that filled it to overflowing with love and acceptance.

Dorcas House is a home for girls.  You can read more about it here.  Whatever warm and fuzzy feelings you get when you think of home, that is what it's like within the walls of  Dorcas.  I just re-read what I wrote and had to laugh at how much I'm gushing, but that's truly what it's like.

Our van, packed and ready to bring us to Dorcas House.

On the way to Dorcas.

The Dorcas House water tower!  Almost there.
Gathering together for our first meeting. 
We started every class with singing and dancing to the beat of the drum.
Part of our teaching from Colossians 3:12.
A non-traditional student.

Tanti Sara and Tanti Amy giving instructions for our first craft, headbands.
The Jaune (Yellow) group making headbands with Nicole.
Jaune, modeling our finished products.
We taught the girls how to play baseball...
and ladder ball.
We ended the day with more singing and dancing and Smores over the campfire.