A Top Ten

Top ten reasons why installing the new dishwasher is a good DIY project...

10.  It saves you time and money.

9.  It strengthens your reading skills after looking at the installation instructions time and again.

8.  It sparks your 4 year olds imagination so that he too will be installing a new dishwasher alongside dad with various items he found around the house.

7.  You have all day to devote to a two hour project.

6.  You will enjoy the beautiful day when you run to the local hardware store not once, but twice to pick up other items necessary for correct installation.

5.  The Styrofoam packaging makes a great bed, car or jail for the kids' stuffed animals.

4.  It reveals character, or character traits that lie dormant most of the time.

3.  You enjoy clean dishes, the first time through.

2.  You have room in your toolbox for the extra screws that were hopefully not necessary.

1.  Our dads would be impressed.