We'll See

 I don’t feel qualified, but I do feel called.  I don't feel ready, but I do feel expectant.  I don't feel able, but I am confident.

When I considered going on a short term mission trip to Burkina Faso Africa, my desire to go came from my heart, not my head.  In my heart I have compassion, in my head I'm overwhelmed.

Many have asked, Why?  Why Burkina?  The truth is, I don't really know.  I can not truly articulate my reasons for going.  When I try, I fail to communicate what is in my heart.

My journey to Africa really began a few years ago when I began to sponsor a child who lived in Burkina Faso.  This child, who was just a picture on the computer, began writing to me and sharing bits and pieces of himself.  No longer just a picture, but a child living in a poverty stricken country, hoping.  A child with a family and friends.  A child with hopes and dreams that are not so different from my own children's.  A child with siblings and a hairdresser for a mother.  Not so different from me.  A child who shares my birthday.

The words that tumbled from my lips in the past, so careless, fell on God's ears and he smiled.  "I have no desire to visit Africa."  God whispered, "We'll see."

God knows the plans he has for me.  And so, He began softening my heart and opening my eyes.  Allowing me to see the foolishness in my statement.

I began hearing about Dorcas House and the Tabitha Centre.  I read articles and blogs.  I drank clear water from my faucet while viewing pictures of dirty water holes and long dusty walks.

My church began talking about Burkina Faso and partnering with a church there.  Then they started sending people on short term mission trips.  Not too long ago a friend suggested that I go.  To which I replied, "We'll see."  Those words just slipped out without bothering to consult me.  Those words were a far cry from no.

'We'll see' turned into, 'I think I might' and eventually into 'Yes!'

My heart desires to change the world.  My mind is overwhelmed.  I've started at home and now Burkina Faso.  With God, all things are possible.

What has God called me to do in this role?  Good question.  The answer?  We'll see.

For now I wait in expectation for how this journey will continue to bring more glory to God.