My Week in Photos

I was talking to a girlfriend today and she mentioned that if she started a blog, she would post a photo a day of her crazy week.  Well, since I'm a good copy cat, I thought that was a great idea.  So, here are my photos for the week so far. 


Okay, so I took this photo yesterday for another blog post, but decided it fit nicely with my week in photos.  My view Monday afternoon:  Enjoying a bit of sun with a few books and an ice cold water.  I began my afternoon reading a chapter of When Helping Hurts, then moved on to my tablet to read A Picture of Freedom (for school) and finished with Paper Valentine (for pleasure).

I felt like I lived in the vehicle today.  Did a lot of errands and running around.
See you tomorrow.


  1. Great idea!!! Don't feel bad, I'm a copycat too :)

    I feel like I LIVE in my care most gets tiresome for sure!


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