Five Minute Friday: Hands

noun  (BODY PART)   /hænd/
the part of the body at the end of the arm that includes the fingers and is used for holding, moving, touching and feeling things. (Cambridge Online Dictionary)
Your hands vacuum, dust (reluctantly), fold laundry and cook dinner.  They mow the lawn, stain fences and put in boat docks.
Your hands raise in praise, hold a bible and guide our children.  They 'bring home the bacon', manipulate 3D images on a computer and swing a bat.
Your hands help with homework, hold a bike so she doesn't fall and push children on the swings.
I often look at your hands and think about the first time you held mine or opened the car door or touched my face.
I often look at your hands and see strength, gentleness and a servants heart.
I often look at your hands and see the gold band that signifies 'til death do us part' and wonder what those hands will be doing 10 or 20 years from now?
I am grateful for your hands that help.
Touched by your heart freely given.
Blessed by the time God has given us together.
Five Minute Friday is a wild and wonderful flash mob of words.  Five minutes on one prompt. No overthinking or editing.  Please visit Lisa-Jo Baker and link up with Five Minute Friday to see more.


  1. Wonderful post! This is a great celebration of your love through describing the hands. I am glad to visit from FMF. Patti

  2. i love my husband's hands, too :) They're such a good summary of who he is... :0

  3. How lovely and poetic. Thank you.

    Visiting from five Minute Friday.

  4. What a tender post. Thank you for visiting me and leading me here to read. Blessings.


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