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Five Minute Friday: Lost

lost adjective\ˈlȯst\ : unable to be found : not knowing where you are or how to get to where you want to go : unable to find your way : no longer held, owned, or possessed

When reading the word lost, I immediately thought of the lyrics to the famous hymn by John Newton. Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound)
That sav’d a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.
I love me a good story and John Newton's does not disappoint.  On a homeward voyage, while he was attempting to steer the ship through a violent storm, he experienced what he was to refer to later as his “great deliverance.” He recorded in his journal that when all seemed lost and the ship would surely sink, he exclaimed, “Lord, have mercy upon us.” Later in his cabin he reflected on what he had said and began to believe that God had addressed him through the storm and that grace had begun to work for him. What is your storm?  We all have them.  Maybe you are currently in a storm, being battered…

Don't Worry if Your Job Is Small

Don't Worry if Your Job Is Small ~Anonymous (Taken from Poems to Learn by Heart by Caroline Kennedy)
Don't worry if your job is small, And your rewards are few. Remember that the mighty oak, Was once a nut like you.

Oh My Glamorous Job

Being a stay-at-home mom is a pretty glamorous job.  My husband sometimes teases me that I get to sit on the couch, watch TV (specifically soap operas) and eat bonbons all day.  While I don't want to burst his bubble or spoil the illusion of what his wife does when he's away slaving at his desk all day, I do want to keep it real for all you parents who know what staying at home with your children is really like.  Once upon a time....

I was helping my in-laws at their house a few weeks ago.  The kids came with me and were amusing themselves in different ways.  Unbeknownst to me, Mason (the 3 year old) was amusing himself by throwing handfuls of dirt in the van.

I became aware of the wonderful job Mason did when it came time to leave Grandma and Grandpa's.  It was late and the sun was just settling on the horizon and the mosquitos chased us to the van.  I quickly got in and sat in a dirt covered chair as I was half listening to my oldest explain why there was dirt in the van…

A Godventure to Africa

“Africa would not be on the top of my places to visit list.”These words have crossed my lips.I may even have said them to you.My, how God has changed my heart!The change has been gradually occurring over the last three years as I have had the opportunity to fall in love with Africa through children Patrick and I sponsor in Burkina Faso.I now have the opportunity to participate in a mission trip to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in October of this year.

There are so many reasons why I am embarking on this journey.Building relationships with the Burkinabe people, ministering to young women and encouraging youth are the top three.I am looking forward to the challenges that taking this step of faith will bring personally and the spiritual growth and refinement that are sure to come from this adventure.It will hopefully allow me to make a difference not only on this mission trip but in my daily life. While in Burkina Faso, our areas of ministry will be: vShowing and teaching about God’s love vCarry…

Five Minute Friday: Release

RELEASE re·lease verb\ri-ˈlēs\ : to allow (a person or animal) to leave a jail, cage, prison, etc. : to set (someone or something) free : to stop holding (someone or something) : to allow (a substance) to enter the air, water, soil, etc. My grip is tight.  I want only the best for him.  I don't want him to fail.  I don't want him hurt.  And yet, through the years, I realize that I'm holding him so close that he can't spread his wings.

I pry a finger loose.  Oh, it's hard to let go.  Another finger and another until my hand is open.  He sits there at first, not knowing what to do with his freedom.  Then he carefully moves to the edge, watching me as he goes.  Waiting for my hand to close around him again.  It doesn't.

My hand is open still.  Open and raised to God.  Lord, I don't want to smother him.  I want him to fail.  I want him to hurt learn that every action has consequences.  I really do.  I know it's the only way he'll grow and learn to be on his…

Week in Photos: Thursday

Late afternoon on the lake.

Week in Photos: Wednesday


Rainy road trip
Nostalgic road trip essentials

My Week in Photos

I was talking to a girlfriend today and she mentioned that if she started a blog, she would post a photo a day of her crazy week.  Well, since I'm a good copy cat, I thought that was a great idea.  So, here are my photos for the week so far. 

Okay, so I took this photo yesterday for another blog post, but decided it fit nicely with my week in photos.  My view Monday afternoon:  Enjoying a bit of sun with a few books and an ice cold water.  I began my afternoon reading a chapter of When Helping Hurts, then moved on to my tablet to read A Picture of Freedom (for school) and finished with Paper Valentine (for pleasure). Tuesday
I felt like I lived in the vehicle today.  Did a lot of errands and running around. See you tomorrow.

Bukina and Dorcas House

While we're in Burkina Faso, we will be staying with the women at Dorcas House for a few days and putting together a little retreat for them.  We will have a devotion time as well as snacks, crafts, a small play, music and then a boutique for the women.
The Dorcas House is for at women, ages 15–25.  The girls are selected based on their desire and their need.  Many of these women don't have families or their families are very poor, they may have been completely abandoned by their families or have been in a situation they need out of. They will live at Dorcas House for about two years and receive biblical, literacy, and vocational training. Residents will learn to sew, make soap, knit and crochet as well as learn skills in animal husbandry, gardening, hair-styling, and more.

At our last mission meeting we were given our assignments for the retreat and my assignment is snacks!  I just want to say woot woot!  Of all the assignments, snacks fits me the best.  If you know me in re…

First Day of Summer Vacation!

To celebrate the last day of school the kids and I took a walk:

Looking for fish bubbles in the creek.
Throwing pebbles and watching the ripple effect.
Rock climbing! :)
"Look how fast I can go!"
There was an abundance of dandelions for amusement.
Wanted me to get just the right action shot.
Dandelion fluff.
The essence of summer.
Sibling love.
Summer is here!

Five Minute Friday: Hands

Hand noun(BODY PART)/hænd/ ›the part of the body at the end of the arm that includes the fingers and is used for holding, moving, touching and feeling things. (Cambridge Online Dictionary) Your hands vacuum, dust (reluctantly), fold laundry and cook dinner.  They mow the lawn, stain fences and put in boat docks. Your hands raise in praise, hold a bible and guide our children.  They 'bring home the bacon', manipulate 3D images on a computer and swing a bat. Your hands help with homework, hold a bike so she doesn't fall and push children on the swings. I often look at your hands and think about the first time you held mine or opened the car door or touched my face. I often look at your hands and see strength, gentleness and a servants heart. I often look at your hands and see the gold band that signifies 'til death do us part' and wonder what those hands will be doing 10 or 20 years from now? I am grateful for your hands that help. Touched by your heart freely given. Blessed by…

We'll See

I don’t feel qualified, but I do feel called.  I don't feel ready, but I do feel expectant.  I don't feel able, but I am confident.

When I considered going on a short term mission trip to Burkina Faso Africa, my desire to go came from my heart, not my head.  In my heart I have compassion, in my head I'm overwhelmed.

Many have asked, Why?  Why Burkina?  The truth is, I don't really know.  I can not truly articulate my reasons for going.  When I try, I fail to communicate what is in my heart.

My journey to Africa really began a few years ago when I began to sponsor a child who lived in Burkina Faso.  This child, who was just a picture on the computer, began writing to me and sharing bits and pieces of himself.  No longer just a picture, but a child living in a poverty stricken country, hoping.  A child with a family and friends.  A child with hopes and dreams that are not so different from my own children's.  A child with siblings and a hairdresser for a mother.  No…

simple woman's daybook

For Today June 3, 2014 Outside my window... birds are having a hard time landing on the feeders.  It's sunny and windy!

I am thinking... it's wonderful to begin summer vacation!
I am thankful... for encouraging friends.
In the kitchen... it's Taco Tuesday!
I am wearing... nothing real exciting.  A red Coca~Cola t-shirt and casual shorts. 
I am creating... a list of possible snacks for the women at the Dorcas House.  (When we host the retreat, my assignment is snacks.)
I am going... wherever I want, whenever I want to. :)   It's our first week of summer break and I deliberately didn't plan anything so we could be spontaneous.
I am wondering... If I purchased the wrong kind of cucumber.  While planting them I noticed they are bush cucumbers.  Not sure what their growing habit is.  Do they cling like a vine?  Hmmm?  I'll have to investigate as I have an old ladder I like them to climb.
I am finished reading... Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers and will start Her Dau…

(How Does Your Garden Grow?)

Tommy Gwendolyn Brooks I put a seed into the ground And said, "I'll watch it grow." I watered it and cared for it As well as I could know. One day I walked in my back yard, And oh, what did I see! My seed had popped itself right out, Without consulting me. (How does your garden grow?)