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FOR TODAY May 12, 2014

Outside my window... the ground is soaked from the rain and thunderstorms last night, skies are cloudy with an 80% chance of more rain and thunderstorms.  Trees are unfurling their leaves and the birds are stopping by the yard for snacks.

I am thinking... I don't handle surprise visits with a lot of hospitality.  My friend surprised me this morning and instead of saying, "What a pleasant surprise!"  Something to the effect of "You startled me." came out of my mouth.

I am thankful... for hot water!  Something I take for granted and don't realize what a pleasure and luxury it is until I have to go without for a while.

In the kitchen... clean dishes, hot & tasty coffee in the carafe and a refrigerator full of leftovers.

I am wearing... capri running pants, tank top and a plum colored pull-over because I almost went for a walk this morning until I saw all the worms on the ground.  Good thing I didn't or I would have missed my friend.

I am creating... a list of goals, big and small.

I am going... to enjoy a walk and bring my camera along.  It's been a while since I've just wandered with my camera.

I am wondering... what the kids reaction will be when I tell them they only have two more weeks of school?

I am reading... an article about digital cameras that connect to the web!  Wonder if I could use that for my trip to Burkina Faso?

I am hoping... to participate in a photo a day challenge.

I am looking forward to... some built-in bookcases in the living room.  Eventually the living room will turn into our den.  That's the five year plan, anyway.

I am learning... all about the revolutionary war with the kids.  History was never a love of mine when I was in school.  Now, I really enjoy it.

Around the house... evidence of a relaxing weekend.  A blanket here, a book there and toys sprinkled in between.  Good thing Motivate Monday is here.  I'm going to motivate the kids to pick up and help mom with chores.
One of my favorite things... people.  I just love how different we all are.

A few plans for the rest of the week: clean out the garage a bit before it gets out of hand, do the same with the basement and bring in donation items.  Then I'll be going to the salon to get pampered and enjoying our co-op friends.

A peek into my day...
We received a little over 2.5 inches of rain last night!
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  1. It's pouring here today and is supposed to continue for the next two to three days!

    I always mean to do one of the photo a day challenges but never actually do it!!


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