I Am Not Collecting Roosters

When I moved into this house, there was space above the cabinet to put knick knacks.  So I put a decorative rooster clock up there.  When my parents saw it, they thought it needed a friend, even though I said no.  And then there were two.  I made it clear to my family that I was not collecting roosters.  Then my dad brought over another one.  And another one.  And so started my non-rooster collection.

I was telling this story to one of my wonderful friends.  "Yes" I said, "I do have quite a few roosters now, but I'm not collecting them."  She looked puzzled for a moment and then accepted my explanation.  When she came over again, she was carrying this:

"It's for your non-rooster collection", she said.  Ha, it's rooster soap... on a rope!  What a wonderful find.  It's crazy and quirky and I love it.  Just like my crazy, quirky friend I love.  Although, I have to say, don't even think about it friends.  I am not starting a 'soap on a rope' collection!  And for the record, I am still not collecting roosters. :)


  1. LOL- sounds like to me your collecting roosters and now maybe crazy soap on a rope too :)

  2. I knew you weren't collecting roosters and now I know you aren't collecting soap on a rope . :)


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