The Burkina Door

"Congratulations!  Your application has been reviewed and approved.  You've been added to the 2014 Women's Ministry trip to Burkina Faso."

That's what the email said and that's when my heart started to race and the nervous excitement sent my blood racing faster through my body.  Whoa.  Have I really just been approved to go to Africa?  I had to sit down as all the worries, concerns and possibilities raced through my mind.

Maybe not the normal reaction to an approved application.  I believe a normal reaction would have been a bit less filled with apprehension.  You did notice the first thoughts were worries and concerns.  The idea of going on a ministry trip, to Africa of all places, was not really on my bucket list.

So why?  Why am I beginning this adventure?  Because I have a desire to be changed.  I want God to throw open the doors.  I want to see people as He sees them.  I want to carry His love to the ends of the earth.  Jason Gray sings it best.....