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FOR TODAY April 7, 2014

Outside my window... spring is s l o w l y making it's way into the area.  We still have patches of snow here and there but the robins are back as are the redwing blackbirds. 

I am thinking... about replacing my shoes that literally fell apart while I was shopping the other day.  Pretty much limped back to the car because a large chunk of the sole fell right off.

I am thankful... for the abundance of encouragement and support that my friends and family give to me.

In the kitchen... some oatmeal bars and a lonely donut.  Guess I'll have to keep the donut company with a cup of coffee.  :)

I am wearing... a positive attitude for the day with motivation for a hat and efficiency on my feet.

I am creating... a letter for support because.....

I am going... to Burkina Faso on a short term mission trip!

I am wondering... how the building process is going for my in-laws new house?

I am reading... When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor... and Yourself by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

I am hoping... the sun will come out tomorrow.

I am looking forward to... working in dirt.  Going to plant seeds this week and get the vegetable garden planned.  I have high hopes for our garden this year.

I am learning... about the first battles for independence of the United States way back when.

Around the house... lots of stuffed animals are engaged in battles, some are going through car washes and others are collecting herbs for healing.

I am pondering... four foundational relationships.  Relationship with God, with self, with others and with the rest of creation.

A favorite quote for today of all time...  "I love you mom."  ~Said spontaneously at one time or another by my children. ♥

One of my favorite things... the joy that comes from doing the right thing.

A few plans for the rest of the week: say goodbye to my honey for a few days as he heads out on a business trip, make a menu plan for Friday dinner, Awana, Royal Rangers derby car race, write my support letter, make the last few lesson plans for the year, host our small group on Friday and enjoy the spring weather for most of the week by opening some windows.
A peek into my daydreams...
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  1. Hi Kim
    you are a dear friend that I do not get to see nearly as often as i would like to!
    you are the sweet fragrence of Jesus to so many
    you are an amazingly imperfect mom who impacts her children to the core
    you are a good and faithful friend...
    miss you hope to connect soon...
    love you
    ps I will be watching for my "letter"

  2. Laurie,
    You have whispered sweet words to me today! You are such a blessing to me. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Love you friend!

  3. Enjoyed your daybook. Oh the troubles of replacing shoes, I had a heal break on me once in the middle of the day at work. Still makes me laugh as I imagine what I must of looked like gimping out to the car and into the shoe store to buy a new pair. Hilarious! Have a most wonderful day!

    1. Tell me about it Bri. I felt quite foolish gimping out to the car and leaving my sole behind. :)

  4. Snap, I'm planting seeds as well this week. I'm a bit behind with all the garden plans so am playing catch up.

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.


  5. Wow. Burkina Faso? Sounds wonderful! I hope that you are able to do much good there and to also receive what God would give to you in the experience. I am always wishing for a sunny day. Next time there are two donuts, maybe we can get together (wink).

    Thank you for your kind visit to my blog. Hope you have a nice day, Kim.

  6. *Fascinated by your short term mission plans! How did you choose Burkina Faso? What kind of work will you be doing there?

    *I have two favorite pairs of shoes that have fallen apart on me :( They were very old and very loved. So hard to find good quality shoes w/o forfeiting an arm and a leg.

    *I have the same book you do sitting on my stack. It was highly recommended reading for working in ministry. The problem is sooo many good books and sooo little time!

    Tammy ~@~


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