5 minute friday

5 minute Friday.  Write for 5 minutes.  On one word.  No editing. 
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Today's word is:

glue noun \ˈglü\
: a substance used to stick things tightly together
When I think of glue,
the mom in me says ew.
It's messy and sticky.
When my children use it they get icky.
I cringe when it's project time,
All that ooey, gooey, slime.
You know what else is sticky?
Syrup, soda and peanut butter like Skippy.
(Okay, the five minute timer just beeped.
Please allow me to finish so I don't weep.)
How about toothpaste, candy or grape jelly,
Let's not forget Band-Aids and those ECG stickers on your belly.
You want to know my favorite sticky of all?
It's the handprint on the window from someone not quite so tall. 


  1. I love this! Being a mummy of five young children, this totally resonates with me and how my intentions to be the ultimate craft mum are so there, but the reality of the mess can sometimes leave me feeling overwhelmed ;) Thanks for sharing x

  2. What a fun and joy-filled post! Brings back so many memories of my children's childhood--one child who loved the sticky messes and one who ran from them. Smiles...you brought me smiles today. Thanks, Kim.


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