I Got a Valentine From Matt Damon

Well, sort of.

It says it's from Matt.  Actually it says, "Love, Matt".  However, Matt has no idea where I live and probably doesn't even know he's my celebrity crush.  And the handwriting looks suspiciously like that of one of my good friend's.   George Clooney and Matt Damon aren't the only ones who can play practical jokes on one another.

When I opened the valentine, I giggled, blushed and chuckled to myself.  I love my friends and their senses of humor.  I might just put this valentine on the bulletin board for a while to make me smile and remind me of my great friends.

Happy Valentine's Day♥ 
(p.s. When I did spell check, it didn't like Clooney and suggested colon.  That made me chuckle too.)