It's in the Name

I often wonder how a name comes about when it comes to recipes.  Take for example a Slider, or Po' Boy.  How about a Dump cake?  Drink names are also curious.  A Screwdriver, Cosmopolitan or Jimney.  You know there are some fun stories behind those names.
I have unveiled the mystery of the name for Chex Muddy Buddies; unofficially of course.  Actually Mason was the mastermind.  We were working together in the kitchen making this yummy snack and I had just pulled the peanut butter, chocolate chips and butter from the microwave and began to stir it with Mason looking on.  When most of the ingredients were mixed together Mason observed, "Eew, that looks like mud!"  Huh, I'm making Muddy Buddies and the mixture looked like mud?  That quite sums it up for me.  Pretty sure Mason is a genius too!  :)