Welcome to the Birthday Zone!

Welcome to the birthday zone!  We don't just celebrate birth days, we celebrate birth months!  This month we celebrate Mason!
One of Mason's favorite things right now is construction. Or as he calls it, "truck n' dirt".  From the construction workers and their tools, to the trucks they drive. 

We had the opportunity to visit a quarry and ride in an articulated dumper, be at the controls of an excavator and play in as much dirt and sand as an almost 3 year old could want.

The cab of an articulated dumper.  We're sitting in the bed of another one.

There were tubs full of super fine sand.  Finer than any sand this girl has played in. 
One of the kids thought it was just like brown sugar.

I'm not much for playing in sand, so I people watched and took a picture of my shadow. :)

Playing in the dirt while waiting in line for the excavator.

In the driver's seat.

Serious business.  He only cracked one smile the whole time.

A picture with Rooty, the Great Root Bear. 
When I asked Mason what his favorite part of the trip was, he said it was getting his picture taken with Rooty.

Mason started his birthday with a chocolate doughnut for breakfast.

We finished the day with dirt cake.

Our dirt cake came with buried gummie worms and traffic cone candles.

The birthday boy!


(I do apologize for all the blurry photos.
An evening birthday is not real conducive for great action photos.)

Present time.  Some of Mason's favorite things:
A ball and candy....

A bag of dinosaurs....

(A dinosaur face.)


A Lego® "truck n' dirt" (construction) set.

Happy Birthday Mason!  We love you.