Say hello to my nemesis.....
Yes, that's right, it's Pantry.  Pantry has invaded my home and taken up residence in my kitchen.  Pantry thwarts my meal prep. It squashes the joy I have right after grocery shopping. It has been known to throw items at me from time to time.  It hides food on a regular basis.  It's small, ugly and messy.  It taunts me from behind the door.    

I declared war on Pantry in the beginning of summer.  I declared I would rid my kitchen of the chaos.  I would organize Pantry so we could have a harmonious relationship.  So far, Pantry is winning.

That is why I've entered to win the Better Homes and Gardens 'Organization Makeover Contest'.  I need help!  Where do I even start?  I'm hoping for an organized space where everything has a place.  I'm not giving up the fight!
Now, there is a very real possibility that I won't win the contest. (gasp!)  So I'm asking you, my faithful friends and followers, what can I do to make Pantry work for and not against me?  Any thoughts or organization tips?