Sitting in the Nest

I'm struggling with being content these days.  This struggle is an old friend who comes to visit on and off throughout the days, months or years.  Lately though it's been really tough.  It's challenging for me to be still and rest in this current season.  In this season of making meals, laundry pile-ups, picking up after 4 children, 2 adults and 1 dog.  Changing diapers, officiating disputes, teaching curriculum, wiping drippy noses, dirty dishes, dust on furniture, cleaning toilets, disorganized pantry closets, endless clutter and the list goes on.

I've noticed that I tend to struggle more with contentment when I compare myself and my situation with my friends.  I have friends who are teachers who make a difference in many children's lives every day.  Friends who open their hearts and homes to adopt precious children or open their doors to host exchange students.  A few friends are going on short term mission trips and still others who have committed to a long term commitment that is counted in years.  I have friends who are active in different ministries and are passionately trying to make a difference.  And then there is me.  At home with my kids.  Cleaning fingerprints off windows and getting excited when an extra tough clothing stain comes out.

Sigh.  I was wrestling with this one day while cleaning yet another sink of dirty dishes.  I looked outside the window and gazed into the empty birdhouse we put up to attract robins.  Only it wasn't empty.  There seemed to be some grass in there.  Dropping the sippy cup back into the soapy water and drying my hands, I excitedly went outside for a closer look.  Not only was there grass, but that grass was mixed with mud and shaped into a beautiful nest.  Inside this nest were four perfect robin's eggs.

Going back to my chore, I watched the robin alight in the nest and settle in.  I've been watching that robin sit on those eggs for a few days now.  The robin just sits and sits and waits, keeping those little eggs warm and toasty.  She sits on those eggs and watches other birds flitting about the yard.  Some are on a short term trip into the yard to find food at the feeder.  Some forage in the grass and others seem to be playing 'catch me if you can'.  A few are flying in from afar, stopping just long enough to eat before they continue on their long journey for their summer homes.  Through all the activity, mama robin just sits and waits.  She seems content in this season of waiting. 

Soon those little babies of hers will no longer be sheltered in an egg but will be out of the shell and hungry.  Needing to be fed and nurtured for the life ahead of them.  And when those birds are chirping and impatient for their food, mama will still be content.  She has absolute trust in her Creator.  Mama robin knows that there is a time for everything and she is doing exactly what she needs to be doing during this special season of raising her young.

I need to stop worrying, ignore the distractions and quit coveting a life or circumstance which doesn't fit me and one I wouldn't bear well anyway.  I need to remember my goal in college:  to be a wife and a mother.  When did I forget that was my dream?  Not many people can say they're livin' their dream.  I can.  I just need to sit in my nest and take a look around.  My nest may be cluttered and messy, filled with distractions, fingerprints and dust.  But, it's mine and it's filled with many blessings too.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful post! So inspiring no matter the season of life. Thank you for sharing your heart and your struggles.

  2. And in her new season, Mamma Bird will sing her beautiful song.


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