happy valentine's day!

We celebrated Valentine's day with homemade cards, candy and heart shaped money as might be expected.

Patrick and I set all the cards and candy on the kitchen table at each childs place so the kids would be surprised when they came down for breakfast.

Before I go on, I must tell you that Mason loves candy!  This isn't just a two year old love of all things sweet.  This is a pure infatuation with anything that could remotely be labeled candy or 'cahny' as Mason would say.  If there is candy in the house that he knows about, even if it's tucked away in a cupboard, he will relentlessly ask and ask for candy day after day, several times a day until it's gone.  The kid is the epitome of a broken record.  When the relentless asking does not yield his desired result, he will even go so far as to wait until the household is out of the kitchen and bring a chair to the counter in an attempt to acquire some candy for himself.  The boy does not lack perseverence.

So, with this in mind, Patrick was leaving for work this morning and turned to me with a sly smile and said, "Have fun with Mason and all the candy today."  (!!!)  Did he really just say that?  :)  Gee, thanks honey.  I love you too!

Not to disappoint, Mason saw his valentine and could care less about the cool dinosaur on his card.  His eyes zeroed in on the CANDY!  True to form, his first words of the day were, "Cahny Mommy?!"  "Peese!"  What is a mother to do but help unwrap not one but five Hershey's kisses for her sweet boy, put them all in his yet to be used cereal bowl, and allow him to enjoy his valentine's day treat.

I'm still cleaning chocolate fingerprints from the table and chairs.  How they got from one end of the table to the other I don't want to know!  I have also had to change Mason's chocolate covered shirt already and have listened to him ask for "more cahny" at least one hundred times and it's not even lunch time yet.  Alas, I will just have to reward my hard work and patience with a few Hershey's kisses from my secret stash when no one is looking.  Happy Valentine's Day!