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FOR TODAY April 18, 2012

Outside my window... it's cold and rainy.

I am thinking... about real estate and wondering if my kids will have grandma & grandpa close.

I am thankful... for the listening ears of my friends.

In the kitchen... the coffee pot has finished brewing and the 'hot element' light is still on from last night's dinner even though everything on the stovetop is off.  (?) 

I am wearing... my jammies.  It's too early for me to be dressed and ready for the day especially with nothing on the calendar.

I am creating... hmmm, going through a dry spell for creations of any sort.  This is my first blog post in 16 days!  How do I jumpstart my creative side?

I am going... to enjoy the motivation that a rainy day gives to finish laundry and read with the kids.

I am wondering... why my fourth child is so strong willed.  This mama was hoping that parenting the fourth would be easier than the rest and it's actually much more difficult.

I am reading... Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins and looking forward to reading Warriors Don't Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals

I am hoping... the laundry will magically do itself.

I am looking forward to... getting my hair cut and colored today.

I am learning... the five love languages of children and how to love my children in a way they need.

Around the house... there is a little bit to remind you of everyone in the house.  A dog bone for the dog, a nerf football for Mr. M, a Strawberry Shortcake coloring book for M, a pair of tennis shoes for E, a Lego Hero Factory figure for L, a camera for Patrick and a book for me.

I am pondering... the maturity it takes to make a selfless decision or sacrifice for the good of another person.

A favorite quote for today... "I keep only two days on my calendar: today and That Day" ~ Martin Luther

One of my favorite things... enjoying the company of friends in a relaxed atmosphere with good food.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Last Awana for the year, graduation class for Milo, haircut and color and then who knows.  I love an empty week!

A peek through the lens...
Zoom zoom!

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  1. Nice post. Very cute photo. In my case, number 4 child is also youngest. She had to be strong willed to keep her individuality. She is 21 now and a great blessing:) Have a lovely day.


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