uniquely you

This is our little girl in a picture.  She is a combination of sugar and spice and everything nice (as seen by the little yellow Squinkie).  But, she is also slugs and snails and puppy dogs' tails (as described by the Lego figure and his weapons).

When we found out at delivery that our third child was a girl, there was a momentary thought that flitted through my mind of pigtails and dresses, nail polish and dances.  Something we hadn't had the pleasure of enjoying with our first two boys.

In some things Megan is all girl.  Like when it comes to touching critters of many sorts.  Toads, frogs, caterpillars or snails.  She is rather squeamish.  However, she is all boy when it comes to wearing dresses or having her hair put up in pigtails.  "No, mom" is often heard when given a choice to wear a dress.  "No, just a barrett" is heard when I ask if she'd like me to put her hair in pigtails.

She set up this 'scene' in the picture the other night.  My husband thought it was too cute not to take a picture of and I agree.  We will always remember little Megan as being the perfect balance between a girly girl and a wee bit of boy.  We ♥ you Megan.  Thanks for being uniquely you!


  1. Your blog has left me impressed. With best wishes

  2. Love this, Kim. I feel as though I have just met Megan and look forward to meeting her in person perhaps this summer. You are all in my thoughts more than usual at this time. Sending you a BIG hug.


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