Flowers from the Kitchen

My husband and I went out to dinner the other night.  During the lovely uninterrupted adult conversation (can you tell we went without the kids?) I mentioned that in Italy men are typically very brazen in their admiration of a female who catches their eye.  Not like in the United States, or should I narrow that down and say, not like my husband whom I had to call to invite on our first date.  (How very brazen of me.)  I had read that it is not uncommon to receive a heart shaped pizza if you've caught the eye of the server in a ristorante.

Fast forward to the end of our delicious and large meal.  I asked our server for a box for the leftovers and this is what I got:

Two roses complete with leaves!

Now, I'm not saying he had eyes for me but I thought it was a wonderful coincidence that my husband and I had to chuckle over.  And really, isn't it a lovely piece of art.


  1. Made me laugh! Where did you go that they would do something so lovely? Or should I just look for the server with 2 black eyes?;) Another kind of random thing...I had a dream that I took a tin foil sculptural making class. I didn't know that could help with finding a job.
    So fun, thanks for sharing.


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