the toothbrush toddler

You open the drawer and it's empty.  There is no toothbrush.  Where could the toothbrush be?  You figure you left it next to the kitchen sink or in another bathroom because you frequently multi-task while brushing your teeth.  No, not by the kitchen sink or the other bathroom.  Maybe the laundry room?  As the sweaters get thicker on your teeth you are running out of ideas for finding the missing toothbrush.  You decide to brush later.

Time to get your toddler dressed for the day.  Shirt drawer.  Pant drawer.  Sock drawer & toothbrush drawer?  There's your toothbrush.  Nestled nice and cozy next to a pair of socks.  In your wildest imagination you can't think of how you could have left your toothbrush in the sock drawer.  Oh well.  At least now you can brush your teeth.

You decide to brush your teeth while standing still in the bathroom so as not to lose your toothbrush again.  In walks your cute 15 month old toddler.  "Uh, uh" he points at your toothbrush.  "Uh, uh", still pointing.  Then he walks over to your toothbrush drawer, pulls it open and looks confused when he can't find what he's looking for.  He closes the drawer and heads over to daddy's drawer.  He opens the drawer and pulls out daddy's toothbrush, puts it in his mouth and walks out of the bathroom.

The next morning your husbands asks, "Honey, have you seen my toothbrush?" :D


  1. This is too funny!! Ah, the joys of having toddlers....days long gone but never quite forgotten. Enjoy, sweet friend.
    Hope you find some rest this weekend.


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