because i gave up

I found this book on the bathroom floor and it warms my heart.  The book was left there by my soon to be eleven(!) year old, Logan.  There are days when I get upset that the kids leave their toys and other miscellaneous items laying around the house.  However, when it comes to books, the more the merrier.  Why the tolerance of books?  Well, I remember teaching L how to read.  I remember the long, painful process.  I remember teaching him the word 'the' on one page and turning to the next page and he couldn't read the word 'the'.  Just a few seconds later!  I remember crying to my husband (many times) that I may not be cut out for this homeschooling thing after all.   I remember all the hours, extended patience and lack thereof.  I remember all the tears, frustration, anger, and doubt.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

Today, Logan can read.  In fact he is a voracious reader.  He will read anything and everything.  Especially if it has to do with Legos or war.  L can read not because I was persistent and never gave up.  L learned to read precisely because I did give up.  I gave up worrying about it and gave it to God.  Then we took a break from reading for a few months and when we tried it again, it clicked.  Just like that.  So, when I see a book open on the bathroom floor, or the couch, or coffee table or living room floor; if I trip over a book when tiptoeing through his room at night, I'm okay with it.  In fact, I rejoice and thank God every time.


  1. I love this post! My youngest is severly dyslexic and consequently reading was painfully hard to learn and master. She is now 25 and about to do her student teaching. She will make an awesome teacher because she knows first hand what a struggle learning can be for some kids. We know pass books back and forth together...something I thought would never be happen when she was growing up. It makes my heart so happy when she callls me to tell me about a new book or when we are shopping together and she wants to stop at the bookstore and we end up on the floor in the children's literature section, when her reading me books aloud. This momma is very blessed!
    It sounds like your hard work is paying off, too.
    God bless you!

  2. So cool. I love books too and it is about the only thing I don't complain for them to put away. Truth be told, I have just as many laying around! Reading is such a blessing and I am still praying for my younger 2 that they would learn to love it.
    Happy Reading,Connie


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