Megan said to me the other night, "Planking would be easier in bed." 

For those of you who wondered what in the world that means, don't be alarmed.  Planking is an activity where you lie face down straight as a wooden "plank" in an unusual or incongruous location.  I first heard of planking while reading about the travel adventures of Mike and Lisa.  They took a picture of Mike "planking" in San Francisco and another at the Golden Gate Bridge.  Having a picture taken of the participant and posting it on the internet is part of the "game".  People try to be so unusual or extreme in location and position, that there have been reports of people dying while attempting to plank!

The kids were watching a show on Disney channel called Take Two with Phineas and Ferb (one of their dad's favorite shows) and Ben Stiller was their guest.  You can watch it here .  Hence the reason for M's statement. 

She makes me laugh.  I wonder how much thought she put into that to have it on her mind at night.  I think I'll take some pictures of the kids planking in various locations. 


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