A First for Us

With three boys and one adult male in the house it was probably inevitable that I would someday be making a blog post about a broken bone or two.  Never did I imagine that it would be my daughter who would have the distinction of being the first child to break a bone.  Yes, it was Megan who broke her arm after a fall from our playset.  I believe she fractured her radius.  I am not certain if that is correct because you see, I was a bit more flustered than M was about the whole thing.  Oh, the fall that caused the break also caused M to give a scream like I've never heard before and DO NOT want to ever hear again.  But after the initial calamity, she was almost good as new.  Which is why we decided, after calling the MD, to wait and see what tomorrow would bring. 

Tomorrow brought a little girl so full of sunshine that you wouldn't even know anything was wrong.  Except for an occasional, "my arm hurts."  She was hardly favoring it and was trying to crawl around on the floor chasing her baby brother!  But, those few times she complained and I applied gentle pressure in certain areas just didn't settle my nervousness so I took her in to see the doctor.  After a consultation in one office, an x-ray at another office across town and finally at the orthopedic office we saw this:

You can see a line in the bone on the right.  That is the fracture.  Completely broken and as the doctors say, partially displaced.  Here is another view (it's the bone on the right):

She is in a splint right now, just in case any swelling were to occur.  We go in on Monday for additional x-rays and a cast.  She'll be in the cast for 3-5 weeks. 

I asked what sort of activities she can engage in this week and the doctor gave me one of those polite "are you insane?!" looks and then calmly said, "uh, no activities."  "No running, jumping, biking, boarding..."  Then he looked at me and said, "of course she could trip while walking, but we're going to hope that doesn't happen."  It was one of those moments in a mom's life where you kinda wonder what in the world you've gotten yourself into.  Does the doctor expect me to carry her everywhere?!  Does he really think I can make sure my 4(!) year old won't run, jump, skip, hop, bike, board or even wrestle for at least one week?!  Let alone one day!

We walked out of the doctors office, Megan chattering non-stop about all the medical professionals we saw and how their pictures on their Id's don't look anything like them now, and me with a death grip on my daughters hand hoping she doesn't trip while walking!


  1. Oh, dear Kim! So sorry to hear about this adventure. I will definitely pray for all of you the rest of the week...no tripping!


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