A Visit to the Orchard

One of our fall traditions is taking a trip to the orchard.  The short drive is beautiful, the apples are delicious and the time together is priceless.

Asking permission to climb a tree.

Apple picking soon turned into a challenge of who could pick the highest apple.

Look how old he is getting!

Another monkey.

Our bounty.

Three monkeys in a tree.

"I want to climb too!"

Our attempt at a family photo.  See how Mason is looking at dad?  That's because Patrick just jumped in behind him.

We threw an apple toward the camera so Mason would look that direction.


  1. Great pictures! Picking apples is one thing I have never done! I hav never even seen an apple growing on a tree. I know, I'm so missing out on life.
    Have enjoyed reading your post this week.


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