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Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY October 25, 2011 Outside my window... cooler temperatures, kids walking to the bus stop and pumpkins.
I am thinking... that life is full of up's and down's.
I am thankful... for my mother, who is my wise counselor at times.
From the learning rooms... somehow while planning this school year I forgot to include handwriting. E reminded me when he was practicing cursive on his own the other day. We are also reading about Babe Ruth and baseball including the World Series and Jazz.
In the kitchen... apples peeled and sliced and ready for a pie.
I am wearing... a track and field sweatshirt, pants and socks. A far cry from shorts and tank top a few weeks ago. I guess October is finally here.
I am creating... a list of letterboxes I'd like to find before the snow flies.
I am going... to dogsit for our neighbors dog while they are on vacation for a week.
I am wondering... if I can make the kids halloween costume's. M wants to be a rock star which should be easy eno…

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY October 12, 2011
Outside my window... warm sunshine, autumn breezes, geese overhead and crisp leaves on the patio!
I am thinking... about the dog which we will be adding to our family sometime in the near(?) future.
I am thankful... all the people who work to keep me safe and free.
From the learning rooms... finishing up World War I, reading about Harlem and it's beginnings, learning about milkweed pods and memorizing scripture.
In the kitchen... tacos for dinner, if I can make it to the store in time.  Otherwise I'm afraid it's must-go's as my grandmother would say.
I am wearing... shorts and a tank top in October!  Practically unheard of in my neck of the woods.
I am creating... christmas presents but I can't say what, it's a secret.

I am going... to speed clean when I get done with this post.

I am wondering... why the laundry baskets are always full of clothes that need to be washed.  I need to find the laundry fairy!

I am reading... The Vegetable Gar…

A Visit to the Orchard

One of our fall traditions is taking a trip to the orchard.  The short drive is beautiful, the apples are delicious and the time together is priceless.

Asking permission to climb a tree.
Apple picking soon turned into a challenge of who could pick the highest apple.
Look how old he is getting!
Another monkey.
Our bounty.

Three monkeys in a tree.

"I want to climb too!"
Our attempt at a family photo.  See how Mason is looking at dad?  That's because Patrick just jumped in behind him.
We threw an apple toward the camera so Mason would look that direction.

Look Who's One!

Some pictures from Mason's first birthday:

The birthday boy!
Ooh fire, it's so mesmerizing.
Trying to blow out the candle.
Yeah, I'm one!
He dug right into the cupcake.  No hesitation.
It was so yummy he even wanted to eat the paper.
Finger lickin' good.
Time for an outfit change and toys.
Yes, our one year old got a hammer.  May not be the smartest gift but it sure is fun.

A First for Us

With three boys and one adult male in the house it was probably inevitable that I would someday be making a blog post about a broken bone or two.  Never did I imagine that it would be my daughter who would have the distinction of being the first child to break a bone.  Yes, it was Megan who broke her arm after a fall from our playset.  I believe she fractured her radius.  I am not certain if that is correct because you see, I was a bit more flustered than M was about the whole thing.  Oh, the fall that caused the break also caused M to give a scream like I've never heard before and DO NOT want to ever hear again.  But after the initial calamity, she was almost good as new.  Which is why we decided, after calling the MD, to wait and see what tomorrow would bring. 

Tomorrow brought a little girl so full of sunshine that you wouldn't even know anything was wrong.  Except for an occasional, "my arm hurts."  She was hardly favoring it and was trying to crawl around on th…

Funny ha ha!

Question:  What did the astronaut see cooking on the stove?

Answer:  An unidentified frying object!

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY October 4, 2011
Outside my window... beautiful, warm sunshine!
I am thinking... of all the inspiring blogs I've been reading lately.

I am thankful... for quiet time in the morning so I can sit down with a cup of coffee and my own thoughts.

From the learning rooms... studying the 20th century to present this year.  Right now we are reading tons of books about World War I.

In the kitchen... something quick and easy.  Maybe pizza.  It is Tuesday after all. :)

I am wearing... capri pants and a t-shirt with a camera on the front.

I am creating... some fun boards on filled with great ideas for everything.

I am going... to the orthopedic doctor later today.

I am wondering... how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

I am reading... The Vegetable Gardener's Bible by Edward C. Smith.

I am hoping... we will have one or two more beautiful sunny days before winter sets in.  Indeed the outlook seems promising.

I am looking forward to... being able to ma…

Weekly Organization

I found this while browsing this weekend and thought it was an organized way to start a busy week.  I am going to try this for myself and I'll post pictures so you can see how it goes.  Not exactly sure where I'll hang it, but the space I'm thinking of is horizontal.  Thanks Kristy @ Next To Heaven for the inspiration.