Happy 1st Birthday!

Our littlest boy is 1 today!  His favorite word is "Ba" which began when he pointed to a ball (his favorite toy).  Now everything is a 'ba'.  He crawls everywhere fast and can go up the stairs faster than you can blink, so make sure the baby gate is always up!  (I learned that lesson when I found him pounding on his brothers bedroom door upstairs!)  He can stand on his own and is very proud of this accomplishment.  He'll smile and throw his arms up which is his way of saying 'look at me, I'm so big'!  He has a crazy swirl on his forehead and a few more scattered throughout his hair.  The poor guy is going to be in front of the mirror a lot in his teenage years just trying to comb his hair.  He growls when he sees Teddy Grahams and has started to growl when he sees any animal.  He loves to be held and prefers mom & dad to just about anyone else.  He is generous with his smiles and more than a little shy.  He loves birds, balloons and bubbles.  He enjoys paging through books and magazines and his favorite food is mandarin oranges.  When he's tired at night, he giggles when he see's his blanket or mama.  We are so blessed to have him in our family.  Happy Birthday Mason, We Love You!


  1. Oh, Kim! I can't believe he is already a year old. He is precious and such a gift from God. Happy birthday to your little man.


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