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For today July 13, 2011

Outside my window... the sky is dark and the birds are all clamouring at the bird feeder.  Only 20 percent chance of rain today but it looks more like 90 percent.

I am thinking... of my handsome husband who makes coffee for me every morning.  I don't express my gratitude for this simple act of love often enough!

I am thankful for... my coffee and the man who makes it.  :D  Also thankful that my children wake up most mornings with cheerful hearts ready to conquer the day.

I am wearing... a red t-shirt and black shorts and a fleece coat because it's rather chilly this summer morning.

In the learning rooms... summer school has officially started.  The boys are doing two-three weeks of math and handwriting and anything else we want to throw in.

I am remembering... my fifteenth wedding anniversary is coming up next week.

I am going... to get some overdue library books returned today!  I have been at procrastination station and it's time to get the train moving.  I am also going to bring the kids to a raspberry patch I discovered while walking this morning.  Yum!

I am going to read... buy-ology by Martin Lindstrom as soon as I pick it up from the library today.

I am hoping... that my dreams come true.  Ha!  Seriously though, I do dream of traveling to Italy and have set a goal to accomplish this in 2016, God willing.

I am hearing... our littlest talking to himself after waking.  He usually just starts to cry so it's been pleasant to listen to his little sounds this morning.

On my mind... the children who have no parents and are waiting for a family to love on them.

Noticing that... the cilantro seeds I purchased are still in their package.  Oops.  I taped them near the refrigerator so I wouldn't forget to plant them.  Guess that didn't work.

From the kitchen... thursday today, the day before payday.  The refrigerator is rather empty and the cupboards are bare.  I'm going to have to be creative for dinner tonight.  I'd like to order pizza.

Around the house... the kids are all slowly waking.  M is sitting at the kitchen table enjoying breakfast and talking to herself.  :)  I have a few loads of laundry I'd like to do as well as clean a bathroom today.

One of my favorite things... a clean house.

From my camera...
on the move!

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  1. What a sweet picture, Kim! My hubby brings me coffee in greatful. And happy anniversary to you. Hope that you get to celebrate in a fun way.


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