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For today June 9, 2011

Outside my window... Sun is shining and birds are singing.  We are all enjoying a cool down from the high temps and humid conditions recently.

I am thinking... of the bumpy road ahead as we begin a new phase of parenting our 10 year old. 

I am thankful for... circumstances that help to change and mature me.  Thinking I might just be a work in progress for the rest of my life.  (See above comment for one instance that is changing and maturing me in fast forward!)

I am wearing... Shorts and a purple pullover.

In the learning rooms... books are on the shelves and pens and papers are neatly organized because we have officially started our summer vacation.  Woot, woot!

I am remembering... how I felt when I graduated from high school.  There was a great sense of accomplishment accompanied by fear of the unknown.

I am going... to spend some quality time with my dear friend from high school.

I am reading... The Old Schoolhouse magazine and jotting down ideas for next school year.

I am hoping... my brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law have an enjoyable and memorable outdoor wedding in a few weeks.

I am hearing... a house sparrow chirping his victory song after taking over the house that a pair of tree swallows were building their nest in.  :(

On my mind... relationships.  When summer starts we re-acquaint ourselves with our neighbors and sometimes things can get... tricky.

Overheard.... "There is fly larvae in my cereal!" said by my 10 year old after he noticed some left-over shredded wheat in his cereal bowl this morning. 

Noticing that... Mister M has been getting up earlier and earlier these past few mornings.  He must be missing me.  :D

From the kitchen... Just made fruit pizza and half of it has been devoured by my three hungry kids (and me too)!

Around the house... a few outlet covers have been added and the floors are on a continous pick-up due to our littlest Mister M being more and more active and curious every day.  He almost had a lamp fall on his head because the cord looked fun to pull!
One of my favorite things... Watching the sunrise while enjoying a cup of coffee.

From my camera...
Me and the kids on a recent trip to the botanical gardens.

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Always such a pleasure to read what's going on in your family! Love the picture. Your sweet babies are getting so big.
    Praise be to God that we are all works in progress. Sometimes that sifting can be painful but sticking with our Lord through those difficult lessons is rewarding in the end.
    Summers are wonderful and I will pray that this one is exceptionally wonderful and restful for your family.
    I had to laugh at the fly larva in your sons cereal bowl...that was so funny!
    Blessings to you and yours,

  2. Beautiful Blog! I admire you and your wholesome, lovely family and I subscribed.

    Look forward to staying posted.

    I have a book that I told Marcia ages ago that I was going to send you. I will send and you will love it.


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