Simple Woman's Daybook

For today April 5, 2011

Outside my window...the birds are singing, the snow is almost gone, the sun is shining brightly and it might just hit 50 degrees fahrenheit for a high temp. today!  (happy dance!!)

I am thinking... if I'm creative, do I have to have a particular creative outlet or can creativity touch a little bit of everything I do?

I am thankful for... all the special people in my life that support me.

I am wearing... all shades of purple from my neck to my ankles.  (No hat and no socks) ;)

In the learning rooms... world religions and ancient history along with the basics.  We will also be doing some fun activities to celebrate Easter along with reading "Amon's Adventure".

I am remembering... that E lost both of his top teeth in the same day.  Oh how I love his toothless smile.  So cute.  I must remember to take lots of pictures if he'll let me.

I am going... to enjoy a nice long walk with the kids today.

I have finished reading... "So Long Insecurity: You've been a bad friend to us" by Beth Moore.  I enjoyed the book immensely, had more insecurities than I thought, and am looking forward to being secure.

I am hoping... to be supermom today and get all the items on my list checked off before 3pm.  (I will have to make a short list!)

I am hearing... Mister M waking up and his sister is once again talking to herself while eating breakfast.

On my mind... spring and spring cleaning.  Hoping to go through the house and purge unnecessary items from the shelves for donation or the neighborhood garage sale.

Noticing that... my houseplants are not doing so well.  All of them must be going through some kind of transition.  One is turning brown, the others are losing leaves at an alarming rate.  Yikes!

From the kitchen... a trip to the grocery store is in order to pick up items for the weekly menu plan that I haven't done in weeks.  But as we all know, tonight is Pizza night. 

Around the house... a watercolor painting by my mom.

One of my favorite things... books.  I just love books.

From my camera...

My handsome husband trying to capture one of the children on camera when another prankster threw the mirror into the shot.  Love it!

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  1. I think if you’re creative, your creativity probably comes through in many things you do, with or without a “project.” That’s what I like to think about myself anyway. Ha. Toothless smiles; they’re the best. I’ve not heard of that book by Beth Moore, but it sounds like one I would love and could benefit from. I love books too. I always have way too many going at one time. Thanks for sharing your daybook.


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