The Hunt

Every year a few lovely ladies in the neighborhood organize an Easter egg hunt for the children.  This was the first year we were able to participate.  Word in the 'hood was that there were over 1000 eggs!
Such determination.

Eggs were everywhere!

Notice how E is guarding his eggs.  :)

The two brothers are discussing all the eggs they found.

M, posing with her eggs.  Notice the winter jacket and gloves.  It was a chilly April afternoon.

Mister M always ready to smile at daddy.  He had a front row seat to view all the mayhem.

Here, I'm reminding the boys that they were only to take about 20 eggs instead of the 40-50 they found.  They handled it well and even had fun hiding all the extra eggs.

Ah, the spoils of a great egg hunt.


  1. Kim,
    I love the hat you're wearing! So cute! And the baby has such a warm and beautiful smile. I can tell you all had a great time, but am overwhelmed at the thought of 1000 eggs! What an act of love.
    We live in such a warm climate I can not imagine an egg hunt where you all have to bundle up!
    Praying that you experience so much joy and peace this weekend.

  2. Thank you Annesta. We did have fun at the egg hunt. It warms my heart to watch my children having fun doing something simple like an egg hunt.
    Sometimes I wish we did live in a warmer area. We still have snow on the ground in places!

  3. Looks like a cold it was in the 80s.
    Mama Bear


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