Simple Woman's Daybook

For today March 22, 2011

Outside my window... a cold, wet morning.  All the birds are puffed up to stay warm.

I am thinking... of taking a trip to the public museum and zoo and maybe a baseball game too.

I am thankful for... water, electricity and my own bed.  All those little things I tend to take for granted.

I am wearing...jamma, jamma, jamma, jamma..... PJ's!

In the learning rooms... American expansion, Australia, reading challenges, writing and long division.

I am remembering...the pain and agony I suffered as a child learning long division.

I am going... to bring Mr. M to his 6 month checkup today.

I am reading... "So Long Insecurity: You've been a bad friend to us" and am finding many useful tidbits.

I am hoping... to win the lottery or at the very least be the victim of a random act of kindness someday.

I am hearing... M singing while she eats her breakfast.  She always has a song in her heart and is very good at making them up as she goes.

On my mind... Starting to form a plan of attack for next school year.  Thinking of joining a co-op and the local homeschool group but wondering if that might be too much at once.

Noticing that... I usually jump into things with both feet first instead of easing into it little by little.

From the kitchen... Pizza tuesday and I am going through the weekly grocery ads and clipping coupons to use on double coupon day tomorrow.  Then I'll hopefully have a menu planned for the rest of the week.

Around the house... oh boy, this is one messy house this morning.  Laundry folded and waiting on the back of the couch for the kids to put away, stuffed animals are littering the floors, artwork drying on the dining room table, clipped coupons waiting to be put in their envelope and a few blankets that we used to be cozy while watching Castle on tv last night.  (that is just the tip of the iceberg folks.)

One of my favorite things...watching my children rise (without tears) to an academic challenge.

From my camera... 
One of my favorite pictures of my mother and father in-law.

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  1. Kim ~

    What a sweet picture! They look filled with joy!

    I can relate to your thinking about a school plan for next year...I always seem to do the same thing this time of year (before we are even over with this one). :-)

    Enjoy the museum, zoo and/or baseball game!

    Blessings ~

  2. Kim,
    So many wonderful things going on in your life today! I had a little one that sang all the time and made up songs as she drifted through her sweet to remember!
    Is the book you are reading by Beth Moore? I have been wanting to read that book.
    Hope you have a lovely week!

  3. I love this picture of mom/dad! Send me a copy, please :)


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