Happy Saint Patrick's Day

We typically don't celebrate Saint Patrick's day with much fanfare.  Maybe a greeting or two but that's about it.  However, I dare say, there was a leprechaun running about our house this year.  Catch the lad or lass if you can.  We didn't.  But we did see evidence that a spritely, mischievous leprechaun had been here. 

The kids discovered green candies the leprechaun must have dropped outside their doors.  The toilet water was green.  (We didn't really know why, but had fun making guesses.)  The leprechaun turned our milk green and our bread too.  To top off the day, the silly leprechaun made green macaroni and cheese for dinner. 

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


  1. Kim,
    How fun! We got to see the NYC St. Patrick's day parade...no green macoroni or milk but lots of green on people...a lot of funny outfits for sure!
    many blessings


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