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For today February 23, 2010

Outside my window.... the sky is gray and a little snow is expected.

I am thinking..... about an article I just read on my homepage about "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All" which I had no desire to watch last night.

I am thankful for..... spontaneous hugs from my non-huggers. :D

I am wearing..... clothing to match the gray day, gray and black.

I am hearing..... the refrigerator making a strange whining sound.  In the quiet of the house it's really loud!

I am going..... to my very first retreat this weekend.  It will be my first time away from the whole family all by myself.

I am reading..... nothing at the moment.  Wondering what to start?
I am hoping..... I can continue to endure winter as I am growing impatient for spring.

I am creating..... I haven't been feeling very creative the last few weeks.  However, I have been saving fun art projects from magazines to do with the kids.  Now to do them.

On my mind...... a comment a friend made to me on Facebook.  My status update yesterday, "I put on green eyeshadow and my oldest asked if I had a black eye."  My friend commented that I am blessed he doesn't know what a real black eye looks like.  Very true!

From the learning rooms..... Just our usual.  I am beginning to research different curriculum for next year, I am leaning toward Tapestry of Grace.  We've been "un-schooling" this semester with a very eclectic approach and have enjoyed it a bunch, however there is no predictability and everything is new everyday, which is somewhat challenging for the teacher.

Noticing that..... my daughter has quite an outgoing personality which is much different than any of the rest of us.  Wonder if Dad is more outgoing than he seems?

From the kitchen..... the kitchen isn't a place I enjoy being in these days.  I'm having a hard time being creative with our menu and seems we eat the same thing week after week.  But, I just realized today is Tuesday and hubby has declared Tuesdays, Pizza day!  Yay!

Around the house..... I still have a few snowflake decorations and snowmen out.  Wondering if I put those away if spring will arrive sooner?  Maybe I'll try it.

One of my favorite things.... is spending a whole day with a good friend and wanting to spend even more time together after she leaves.  That is such a blessing.

A few plans for the rest of the week..... I will be packing for retreat little by little, shopping for a new coat for the oldest who is growing and growing and growing.  I might be making a dinner ahead of time for hubby and the kids to eat while I'm away.  AWANA tonight, another doctor appointment tomorrow and school, school and more school.

A picture thought I'm sharing....
With his birthday money, L purchased a new Ninetendo DS game.  He became the main attraction in the house just before bedtime last night.

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  1. I enjoyed your post~ thanks for sharing! Blessings on your busy day!

  2. Oh, I hope you have an incredible time on your retreat. I got to go with a friend a few months ago and I came back so much more able to deal with "stuff" at home!

    As for the Bachelor, my MIL is addicted. We never see it, however, because we don't get network TV. It seems to be creating quite a stir this year!

    Enjoy your pizza and have a great week and even better retreat!

  3. OOps, I forgot to add that me managing to get linked up first is really unintentional. I am an early riser and try to get all my posting, etc. done before the kids get up. Now that we are linking up on Tuesday, I have to leave our house by 7:30 to make it to tutorial on time so I have been checking before I go and I just seem to be the first one! Someone will catch on soon and beat me! :)


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